The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Day-ahead):

TTF – 139.68 EUR/MWh ($1 568) (+3.4%)

THE – 139.99 EUR/MWh ($1 572) (+3.4%)

CEGH – 140.44 EUR/MWh ($1 577) (+3.4%)

PEG – 134.72 EUR/MWh ($1 513) (+6.4%)

The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Futures month January):

TTF – 138.39 EUR/MWh ($1 554) (+3.2%)

THE – 139.33 EUR/MWh ($1 564) (+3.1%)

CEGH – 137.83 EUR/MWh ($1 548) (+3.3%)

PEG – 131.64 EUR/MWh ($1 478) (+4.0%)

Ukraine is Europe - confirmed by British Petroleum


Ukraine leaves the CIS region and is now part of the European Energy "family" of the authoritative annual publication BP Statistical Review of World Energy.

This year’s survey notes that Ukraine has taken in Europe:

1st place in the ratio of reserves to production (R / P)

2nd place for proven gas reserves

4th place in terms of its production

Retrospectively, British Petroleum analyses the position of world energy annually. The survey has been conducted for 68 years and is widely used by industry experts around the world.

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