The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Day-ahead):

TTF – 26.91 EUR/MWh ($306) (+1.6%)

THE – 27.27 EUR/MWh ($310) (+1.5%)

CEGH – 28.24 EUR/MWh ($321) (+1.3%)

PEG – 26.51 EUR/MWh ($301) (+0.8%)

The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Futures Month June):

TTF – 27.00 EUR/MWh ($307) (+2.4%)

THE – 27.67 EUR/MWh ($314) (+2.2%)

CEGH – 28.57 EUR/MWh ($325) (+2.7%)

PEG – 26.48 EUR/MWh ($301) (+2.3%)

Results of natural gas purchase from domestic production by NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" :

June 2023

Volume (UGS) - 3 million cm

Weighted average price (net of VAT) - UAH 10 560 ($289)

Volume (GTS) - 5 million cm

Weighted average price (net of VAT) - UAH 10 560 ($289)

Total purchased since April 26, 2023 - 614.3 million cm

AGPU member companies

Oil and gas business of DTEK is represented by DTEK Oil&Gas subsidiary company, the current objective of which is to provide DTEK Holding’s companies with their own fuel and energy resources. The key business activities of the company are focused on exploration and production of hydrocarbons offshore and onshore.

Esco Pivnich is an independent oil and gas company, operating in Ukraine. Since its launch in 2002, the company has rapidly become one of the largest independent gas producers in the country.

PrJSC "MC "Ukrnaftoburinnya" is one of the largest private gas production companies in Ukraine. The main activities of the company are the production of natural gas, gas condensate, and oil. The company operates 28 gas and condensate, and oil and gas wells.

Zakhidnadraservis group of companies was established in 2014. Zakhidnadraservis is engaged in exploration, drilling and extraction of oil and natural gas in the territory of Western Ukraine. Group of companies discover 10 gas and 1 oil fields, drilled 65 wells, among them 44 productive wells are arranged and put into operation.

Smart Energy is a group of companies, running its business in oil and gas industry of Ukraine and is one of five leading independent gas producers. The Group is represented by British company Regal Petroleum and by PrJSC "Ukrgazvydobutok".

The GEO ALLIANCE GROUP is one of the largest independent producers of gas condensate in Ukraine. It consists of 19 legal entities, of which the biggest ones are PJSC "NATURAL RESOURCES" and LLC "EAST GEOLOGICAL UNION".

JV Poltava Petroleum Company (JV PPC) a joint Ukrainian-British venture, was founded in 1994. JV PPC is a leader among non-state oil and gas producers in Ukraine.

LLC “Stryynaftogaz” is a private company established to increase hydrocarbon production in the Carpathian oil and gas region. The company holds two special licenses for subsoil use.

"KUB-GAS"  is a private gas production company, founded in 2000. The enterprise conducts geological exploration, pilot and industrial development of hydrocarbons in five licensed areas.