The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Day-ahead):

TTF – 42.99 EUR/MWh ($496) (+9.0%)

THE – 43.67 EUR/MWh ($503) (+8.6%)

CEGH – 44.37 EUR/MWh ($511) (+5.7%)

PEG – 42.90 EUR/MWh ($495) (+8.3%)

The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Futures Month April):

TTF – 43.16 EUR/MWh ($498) (+7.7%)

THE – 43.75 EUR/MWh ($504) (+7.0%)

CEGH – 44.47 EUR/MWh ($513) (+6.8%)

PEG – 42.61 EUR/MWh ($491) (+7.5%)

Hydrocarbon resources management system


Hydrocarbon resources are the number of hydrocarbons that formed naturally on the earth's surface or in the subsoil.

When considering resources, the number of hydrocarbons is estimated in both already known and as yet undiscovered clusters. Resources assessments referring on the amount that can be potentially extracted and commercialized during such projects. The hydrocarbon resource management system provides a systematic approach to estimating hydrocarbon amounts, assessment of projects and submitting results within a universal classification.

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