The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Day-ahead):

TTF – 26.91 EUR/MWh ($306) (+1.6%)

THE – 27.27 EUR/MWh ($310) (+1.5%)

CEGH – 28.24 EUR/MWh ($321) (+1.3%)

PEG – 26.51 EUR/MWh ($301) (+0.8%)

The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Futures Month June):

TTF – 27.00 EUR/MWh ($307) (+2.4%)

THE – 27.67 EUR/MWh ($314) (+2.2%)

CEGH – 28.57 EUR/MWh ($325) (+2.7%)

PEG – 26.48 EUR/MWh ($301) (+2.3%)

Results of natural gas purchase from domestic production by NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" :

June 2023

Volume (UGS) - 3 million cm

Weighted average price (net of VAT) - UAH 10 560 ($289)

Volume (GTS) - 5 million cm

Weighted average price (net of VAT) - UAH 10 560 ($289)

Total purchased since April 26, 2023 - 614.3 million cm

Annual Report 2022


Traditionally the Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine prepares a report on its activities on a yearly basis, highlighting the achievements and significant events in the industry, and outlining plans for the next year.

However, 2022 was different from previous years.

The full-scale invasion of Russia into our country fundamentally changed the lives of every Ukrainian and Ukraine as a whole.

We have decided to dedicate this special edition to Ukraine’s gas industry and its workers who fought on the energy front throughout 2022 – working bravely and heroically to produce natural gas, deliver it to the homes of Ukrainians, promptly respond to attacks, and defend the country from the enemy with weapons in hands.

We will tell the story of how the industry lived throughout the months of full-scale war, the extraordinary challenges it faced, and the essential achievements it made.

Considering that this report is being released during a state of war and with restricted access to information about energy resources, we will not disclose some of the data on the sector for security and regulatory reasons.

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