The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Day-ahead):

TTF – 26.91 EUR/MWh ($306) (+1.6%)

THE – 27.27 EUR/MWh ($310) (+1.5%)

CEGH – 28.24 EUR/MWh ($321) (+1.3%)

PEG – 26.51 EUR/MWh ($301) (+0.8%)

The cost of natural gas on European hubs (Futures Month June):

TTF – 27.00 EUR/MWh ($307) (+2.4%)

THE – 27.67 EUR/MWh ($314) (+2.2%)

CEGH – 28.57 EUR/MWh ($325) (+2.7%)

PEG – 26.48 EUR/MWh ($301) (+2.3%)

Results of natural gas purchase from domestic production by NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" :

June 2023

Volume (UGS) - 3 million cm

Weighted average price (net of VAT) - UAH 10 560 ($289)

Volume (GTS) - 5 million cm

Weighted average price (net of VAT) - UAH 10 560 ($289)

Total purchased since April 26, 2023 - 614.3 million cm

Natural gas and the future of energy


Executive Director Artem Petrenko participated in the industry forum "Nadrokorystuvannia Eco-Transformation 2023: Legislation, Solutions, Best Practices" and discussed the role of natural gas in the energy future.

He noted that the EU and the entire civilized world have embraced the green economy, which is aimed at all spheres of life. Despite the full-scale war, our country continues to follow all innovations, adapting its legislation and economy to European strategies. Undoubtedly, Ukraine can and will become a powerful energy player in the European market after winning the war.

"For the next 10-15 years, natural gas will be the main transitional fuel on the path to decarbonization, and our country, with its available resource potential, needs to stimulate production and sector development. The key to this is the balance of state and business interests, stable legislation, deregulation, the absence of barriers and bureaucratic hurdles," emphasized Artem Petrenko.

An excellent example of sector work optimization is the draft law No. 4187 (Law No. 2805). The reform of the subsoil use sector is a step by the state towards the business, providing stable and transparent rules of the game, streamlining operations, and stimulating investment in Ukraine's post-war economy.

"The draft law contains important provisions, including the liberalization of special licenses circulation. For the first time in Ukraine, producers will be able to freely dispose of licenses —buying, selling, or using them as assets. At the same time, when a new owner acquires rights and obligations for a special license, they also acquire rights to all documents (geological assessment, technical specifications, etc.) that were obtained by the previous subsoil user. Thanks to this, work on the block will be uninterrupted, and the state will not lose control over subsoil use," said the Association's executive.

In addition to natural gas, our country can offer Europe various alternative fuels of the future: hydrogen and syngas, biomethane and biogas, methanol, and CO2 storage.

To learn more about how Ukraine can become a powerful player in the European market, please refer to Artem Petrenko's presentation at the following link: http://surl.li/gqlua


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Presentation of the Executive Director of the Association, Artem Petrenko, during his speech at the ...


Presentation of the Executive Director of the Association, Artem Petrenko, during his speech at the ...