88.00 %
of Ukrainian Gas Produced
25 k
workplaces created
6 %
of GDP generated
26 March 2018
Annual report 2017

The past year has become the year of true establishment of the Association, confirming the efficiency of joining efforts of the market players with the purpose of solving the topical issues on the industry’s agenda.


13 September 2017
NIC: Ukraine Gas Upstream

Presented for your attention is the special report on Ukraine gas upstream from NIC (National Investment Council), which outlines the key regulatory areas of the market and the road map to improve the investment climate.

24 July 2017
BP Statistical Review of World Energy. June 2017

BP Statistical Review of World Energy. June 2017

01 July 2017
Recommendations: deregulation of permitting system in the oil and gas production industry

Analytical report on the current state of the oil and gas permitting system, and proposed ways of improvements and achieving a better environment in the industry.

07 November 2016
McKinsey&Company. Energy 2050: Insights From the Grounds Up

McKinsey&Company has published an adaptation of the previously published on LinkedIn article, which summarizes the prediction for the future of the company on world energy until 2050.

29 September 2016
Current Subsoil Use Issues

Gas producers have discussed the current subsoil use system with the MPs and the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine

30 August 2016
Ernst & Young. Global Oil And Gas Tax Guide Of 86 Countries

E&Y has published the global oil and gas tax guide for 2016. The guide contains summaries of O&G tax regimes of 86 countries.